Over Pellikaan Timing

4 Rock solid principles

Pellikaan timing was founded in 2009 in Utrecht with the introduction of the Flying Dutchman. The company has since developed a remarkable collection of watches that always stick to four core values.

1 DESIGN has to be functional and playful

A watch is always handy to read the time from, but that’s not all. This room for an own signature is found between the lines.

For example the combination of the symmetrical play of lines of the so-called sector dial and the elegant rounded Breguet hands. This is typical for the playfulness of Pellikaan designs: to combine elegance with functionality.

However, usability and legibility will always be paramount.

2 QUALITY has to be indestructible

Hubert does all the quality testing of the watches personally.

Usability is the most important criteria in the development of the watches, always maintaining a firm focus on reliability.

Not only the mechanics, also the cases are robust and rock solid, making the watches perfectly suitable for daily, sporty or even heavy use.

3 TECHNIQUE must be visible

Love for mechanics is the main reason that Pellikaan timing exist. This can be admired in all the products.

Pellikaan timing uses proven Swiss movements that are hand-picked for their reliability and precision. Although Hubert always improves some key aspects.

Ever since the Diving Dutchman-1, Pellikaan timing has been using an in-house developed and patented anchor technique.

The patent is found here

4 ORIGIN has to be clear

Every dial says ‘Dutch Made’ and this is done with a reason. The Netherlands are in the character of these watches.

Who is Hubert Pellikaan?

It has to be said Hubert Pellikaan isn’t really a watch maker. Not originally.

That needs some explanation.

Hubert Pellikaan is originally a pharmaceutical with more than ten patents to his name in the field of pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering and since April 22, 2015 also in the field of watches.

If you now get the feeling that you are dealing with a kind of modern-day inventor with preferences for pharmacy and mechanics, then you are in the right direction.
Add indomitable curiosity and a serious obsession for watches and voilà, Pellikaan timing is born.

Pellikaan Timing Over Hubert Pellikaan-1
Pellikaan Timing Over Hubert Pellikaan

Pellikaan searched for the perfect watch, but it didn't exist in his eyes, so he made one himself.

Of course this ambition would not work when done half-heartedly, so he did it with the boldness of the true Dutchman.
Thus he combined apparently incompatible design characteristics. Elegant and linear, robust and delicate, sleek and nonchalant.

After his first creation, the Flying Dutchman, he went ahead and created a collection with its own personality and even patented techniques. The press jumped on it, and a success was born.

Pellikaan watches are like the man himself: stubborn, painfully precise and light-footed thanks to a touch of -let’s say hypothermic- humour.

Warranty and service

Warranty: All watches from Pellikaan timing have a warranty for two years after purchase.

Service: Every customer of Pellikaan timing gets the same personal and helpful service.