Hendrik Lorentz speed of light

automatic 40 mm

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This Hendrik Lorentz watch is dedicated to the scientific father of Albert Einstein. Elegant, intelligent and timelessly handsome.

2015 was ‘the year of the speed of light’. The year in which Einsteins ‘spooky action at a distance’ proved right. Especially for this memorable occasion, Pellikaan timing has created a special edition of the Hendrik Lorenz.

The elegant watch design is very cleverly inspired the scientific theory that gained Mr. Lorenz the Nobel Prize in 1902. Other design features, such as the long lugs and relatively wide strap are inspired by the time in which Hendrik Lorenz lived.

Distinguished science

Hubert Pellikaan is a firm believer in science. He likes to talk a lot about that, but he also practices what he preaches. He approaches all of his creations with the same scientific precision.

This design is inspired by the scientific ideas of Hendrik Lorenz, who gained fame as the scientific father of Albert Einstein. The relatively wide strap and lugs are also inspired by watches from the first half of the twentieth century.

In 1902, Lorenz received the Nobel Prize in Physics (Hubert really loves to explain you why). But what you really should know: the local time theory by Mr. Lorenz is the main inspiration for this design.

These local times are also seen on the schales of the dial, which are different for every hand. Now that’s something to study carefully!

This ‘speed of light’ edition has a beautiful black dial with white hands.

Soprod caliber A100

Swiss movement

The engine of this watch is made in Switzerland by Soprod. This company was founded in the 1960s in the Jura mountains, and is still located there.

The caliber A100 is visible through the sapphire case back and is well-known for its reliability and ease of use.





ø 40mm, thickness 9.5 mm, strap 22 mm


Soprod A10-2

Power reserve

38 hours

Extra information

For excellent legibility, the dial is galvanized black and the hands are painted high-gloss white. This makes the watch very accurate to read.

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