1.895,00 inclusief BTW

40mm gedistingeerde wetenschap

The black version of the Lorentz is conceived in the year of the speed of light, 2015.

This is the year in which Einsteins “spooky action at a distance” of light turned to be true. And therefore only light travels way faster then light! Also the combination of white hands on a black dial really looks cool!

40mm noble science


This watch stays dedicated to Hendrik Lorentz, the scientific father of Albert Einstein. The design is inspired by the way of thinking of Theoretical physicist Hendrik Lorentz and his “local time” formulas. In this design his “local time” is found in the scales which is a separate one for each hand.

Additionally the dial is galvanised black, with high gloss white hands. By this combination readability is superb. Also it gives a noble and plain look to the watch.

Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement


The engine of this watch is the automatic Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement which can be seen through the sapphire display back. The movement is exquisite in its finish. The movement is dynamically balanced by Pellikan timing in 6 positions increasing its accuracy even further. The accuracy falls within the demands for chronometric qualification.


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